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Lakewood College, formerly known as the American Center for Conflict Resolution, was founded on October 22, 1998. What began as an organization for mediation, arbitration, and training services had quickly grown into an accredited nonprofit organization specializing in distance learning. Lakewood College has been regarded as one of G.I. Jobs top Military Friendly Schools for the past 5 years in a row in addition to being named a Military Friendly school by Military Advanced Education in 2015.

Where We're From

The American Center for Conflict Resolution started as a training center for mediation and arbitration. In 2001, the organization began to realize the true mission of focusing primarily on education. The organization converted from a for profit organization into a not for profit organization where the sole mission would be to provide quality, affordable education. The first course was offered in November of 2004 as a distance learning Mediation Training Program. On November 29, 2007 the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools approved our Paralegal/Legal Assistant Training Program. In addition, Lakewood College developed two Associate Degree programs (Business Management & Paralegal Studies), and a Pharmacy Technician Program. In 2009 the school's name was changed to Lakewood College to better reflect the wide variety of programs offered.


What We Do

We Work Hard!

At Lakewood College, our mission is to improve the quality of life of our students by providing excellent, affordable, and in-demand educational programs using various distance learning methods. Our goal is to help our students achieve success at a pace that suits their current lifestyle.

We are huge supporters of the Military here at Lakewood College. The majority of our student population is Active Duty, Veterans, and Military Spouses. Lakewood College currently offers courses in business, legal, and medical fields. Upon graduation, students receive a diploma, certificate, or associate degree.


How We Do It

We Play Hard!

At Lakewood College we operate as a team to work effectively and efficiently. We provide support and encouragement to our team members through weekly team spirit meetings and give constructive criticism on individual development. We take responsibility for our actions and work hard to continue to improve the success of Lakewood College.

Our team is made of dedicated individuals who are passionate about Lakewood College's mission and purpose. We provide training to improve upon communication in the office and encourage our staff to attend seminars that will further their knowledge in specific job functions.

Lakewood College is a DRAMA FREE work environment. The foundation of our organization was built around mediation, providing no room for negativity toward staff members or the company in general.





Where We Are Going

Lakewood College has high hopes for the future and is prepared to work even harder to achieve our goals. Maintaining affordable programs will continue to provide Lakewood College with a niche unique to higher education.

Lakewood College's goal is to provide the highest quality porgrams possible. Each program has been carefully researched to ensure high demand job prospects over the next several years. Through this we expect our student population to grow substantially.

Not only is our student population growing, but the Lakewood College moved its office to beautiful building located in Cleveland Heights to accommodate our growing needs.


Company Culture

At Lakewood College, we maintain a professional atmosphere. We dress business casual Monday through Thursday and allow a “jeans day” on Fridays. We also exude professionalism by following our statement of values including integrity, caring, responsibility, respect, and quality. At Lakewood, we are committed to meet the needs of others through value and trust while treating people with fairness and dignity. Each of us is accountable for doing competently what needs to be done, when it is supposed to be done. Lastly, we take tremendous pride in excellence and strive to always move forward.

While we are a professional office, we are not afraid to have a little fun! One of our philosophies here at Lakewood is that we play hard, but work even harder! Laughter is common in our offices but we never let it obstruct our view of achieving excellence in our specific positions.

In addition, Lakewood College is a tight nit community. We are a small staff but act as one big family. We accept our differences and embrace new ideas. We work to create positivity through weekly team spirit meetings and acknowledge individuals for a job well done.

Lastly, Lakewood College is a challenging work environment where multitasking is a mainstream activity. We take pride in managing our productivity statistically to ensure that we provide excellent quality of service on a continuous basis.


What We Are Saying

"I have been employed at Lakewood College since the fall of 2011 in the Admissions Department. Since I have been here I have learned SO much, not only about our students but also about myself. It has truly been a rewarding experience because I have grown to push myself and stretch outside of my comfort zones in ways that I didn’t even know to be possible. It amazes me how much this school has grown in the time that I have been here and I am excited to watch it continue to flourish. I know that as long as we continue to service the students with excellence, the sky will be the limit."
Alice Smith
Admissions Representative

"My name is Tommy Sutton-Lovett and I am now employed as a Student Success Coach. I have been here since April of 2011. We have a wonderful and encouraging environment. Here you will find that there is a formation for the whole person, including professional and personal. Lakewood College provides a thriving environment and potential for growth for employees that are willing to imbibe the mission and do the necessary diligent work!"  
Tommy Sutton-Lovett
Student Success Coach

"I am an Admissions Representative for Lakewood College. Providing assistance and support to prospective students to facilitate their career and professional goals. I have been employed here since September 2011.What I like most about the position is to hear the student's stories on how the financial assistance programs will help make a difference in their lives.  And lead them toward a pathway to success. Also the job culture is friendly and helpful. It's great to be a part of the Lakewood College community."
Kathy Haggins
Admissions Representative

"I have been working at Lakewood College since April 2011 and I can honestly say I love my job and I work with a great group of people. I work as an Admissions Representative in the registration department and I love what I do. I would of never seen myself in this field and loving what I do.  Our staff works well together, we work hard and play hard also.  I am excited to see our organization grow and strive to move forward as we create opportunities for our employees, as well as the students."
Ashley Butler
Admissions Representative and FA Manager

"Over one year here at Lakewood College and there is a unique environment which encourages professional development and personal growth. We care about every student, and their goals are important to our entire team at Lakewood College. The staff is caring, energetic, supportive, and goal oriented. We strive for excellence and are here to help everyone reach their goals as well as to be successful in their chosen career field. Get on the road to success and let us show you the way to realizing your dreams".
Nekole McFerrin
Quality Assurance Manager

"When Lakewood College hired me as Student Success Coach I knew I had found a unique environment to work in. This is one of the most supportive, encouraging, and positive atmospheres that I have ever been a part of. Every staff member cares so much about providing our students with the highest quality of customer service while they are furthering their education. My professional goal is to ensure that I am always motivating, encouraging, and inspiring students while helping enhance their future and enriching their lives. I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to reach out to students all across the country and around the world. I look forward to growing more as a Success Coach while working at Lakewood College."
Alysia Bararro
Student Success Coach

"I have been at Lakewood College since November 2013, and can honestly say I have never worked in such a supportive and friendly environment. Lakewood College makes their employees feel important by including the staff in on new ideas and asking for our opinions, so we can continually improve as a team. And as a Student Success Coach I get fulfillment in helping students progress toward graduation. I feel very fortunate to work with such great people and for a great company that is always striving to be better."
Katy Kerr
Student Success Coach

"It's exciting for me to be a part of such an entrepreneurial environment, constantly pursuing excellence in education. We are committed to helping students get to a better place in life by providing them an affordable yet valuable learning experience. Along the way, we also assist them with career preparation and placement. The work we do truly changes lives for the better and I'm 100% "all in" toward this end. I would say to prospective students, you will be challenged but it will be well worth your effort!"
Jim Gepperth, MPA
Academic Dean


Top 40 Best Emmployers in Ohio!

On February 24, 2014, Lakewood College was given official notice of its standing as one of the Best Employers in Ohio for 2014!

This prestigious accomplishment was presented to Lakewood College by the Best Companies Group. Best Companies Group (BCG) is dedicated to establishing "Best Places to Work," "Best Companies" and "Best Employers" programs in an effort to distinguish companies who demonstrate and are superior in workplace excellence.

Lakewood College was deemed this wonderful honor after submitting a questionnaire regarding workplace practices and employee benefits. We were also chosen as a top 40 Best Employer based on the completion of a survey sent to each employee at Lakewood College.

During the survey process, Lakewood employees were asked “What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?”

Check out some of the answers!

"A diverse company culture that makes us all feel like family. This organization always recognizes its employees for a job well done. The president includes all staff in making big decisions and seeks input from everyone. I love my job and Lakewood College is truly an AWESOME place to work!"

"Lakewood College provides an environment in which its employees can grow both professionally and personally. It is a small team environment that adheres to the idea of working hard, but we play hard as well. The office feels more like working with friends and family opposed to working with a bunch of strangers. Lakewood College is a company with a clear vision."

"People would want to work here because every day is filled a positive experiences. The entire staff is encouraging, helpful, and treats each other with the highest form of respect. The supervisors are approachable, care about us, tell us how well of a job we are doing on a daily basis. Everyone listens to our opinion. We are a united team that is on the same page and working to achieve the same goals. I have grown and learned so much from working here."

"This company has a strong emphasis on family like work culture and personal values of integrity, caring, trust honesty, accountability and respect."

"This organization appreciates the unique strengths that individuals have and it makes it a priority to align job roles with those strengths. Each employee has opportunity to provide input and it is truly valued.

"This organization not only has great employees but great supervisors as well. The president of the college has a vision and strives hard to make everyone a part of it. We are always asked to give our feedback and input on new ideas. There is constant communication throughout the entire college which lets me as an employee feel comfort in knowing what I should be doing for my position and whether I'm doing it correctly."

"From the first day I started here I was greeted with a warm welcome from my supervisors who expressed how glad they were to have me. I am not exaggerating when I say that daily I am told I am valued and I am an important member of the team. I hear great work, keep it up, and thank you for your hard work. This makes me want to work harder and smarter so I am helping make my students dreams comes true. It is the greatest work environment I have EVER been a part of. My career is fulfilling."

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AL and TX Residents: Lakewood College is not regulated in Texas under Chapter 132 of the Texas Education Code, and is exempt from authorization under Alaskan statutes AS 14.48 and 20 AAC 17.015, because the programs are online or distance delivered and do not have a physical presence in the state. Lakewood College is regulated by the Ohio State Board of Colleges & Schools (OSBCS) and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Students may initiate complaints by contacting the Academic Dean in writing, or refer it to the appropriate office: Jim Gepperth 2231 North Taylor Road Cleveland Hts., OH 44112 1-800-517-0857 EXT: 745 Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools 30 East Broad Street, 24th Floor, Suite 2481 Columbus, Ohio 43215-3138 614-466-2752 Distance Education and Training Council 1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2 Washington, D.C. 20009 202-234-5100 Share
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