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The Lakewood College Career Center's Mission:
Our mission is to best equip our students with the tools needed to excel within their professional and personal lives.
By providing concrete resources and the motivation our students need to work hard, we do our part to ensure our students will encompass many valuable assets needed to improve their overall quality of life as they come closer to fulfilling their desired goals.

Our Services:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Job/Internship Placement
  • Self Development
  • Partnerships with other colleges for continued education

Externship and Job Placement Process:

We have great news for you! Lakewood College has implemented a new procedure to help you obtain the career of your dreams upon graduation.

Please find the simple two step process below:
1. You will complete the externship forms at the bottom of this page.

2. Your Career Placement Specialist will find possible locations for externships based on your application. The Career Placement Specialist will call you within 7- 10 business days so that you can begin your career path. Please allow 7- 10 business days for this communication to occur.

Should have any questions about this process, feel free to contact the Career Placemnet Specialist at 1-800-517-0857, Ext 700.

Keywords for your resume!
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How to write a military resume
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See what our students are saying about our services!

"I would first like to thank the whole Lakewood College Team on their amazing job! I did not know that Lakewood College goes above and beyond in the "Career Services Dept". In my perspective, finishing up college is a huge accomplishment, but where do you go from there? This is where you all stepped in and gave me great tips and advice in this matter. I strongly feel that these career services are a wonderful addition to making the transition into the work environment that much easier. Any and EVERY student can benefit from this no matter the age. Please continue with these services you never know what kind of impact you can make on just one persons career(or even life). Please keep up the excellent work!"

-Samantha Rosales

"The externship was great. I learned a lot, and it was fantastic getting the hands on experience. I learn better by doing things than by reading them, so this really helped to make what I read from the text book really stick. I also think I got pretty lucky by externing at the pharmacy I was at. It's removed from the main part of the store, but it's still a retail store, and it's rare to be in a retail environment with people who are friendly and in a good mood, but everyone who works in that pharmacy was really friendly and helpful and made it a lot of fun. I enjoyed myself while I was there, which was really nice.


"The Career Services Department at Lakewood College gave me valuable help in creating a cover letter and resume. When I ran into some problems in obtaining my pharmacy technician externship, Career Services went the extra mile in contacting the right people that led to my externship. I am excited by the prospect of starting my externship at Walgreens knowing that the staff in Career Services helped me get there."

-Jasmine Bagu

"I strongly recommend externship program with Walgreens Pharmacy to all the Lakewood college students. I feel more confident with the job now and clearly picture myself working as a technician. It is absolutely a great opportunity to get hands on training and make your online study complete."

-Shiho Long

Career Services,

I just want to take a moment to thank you. As a stay at home mom of two, I have been out of the work force for a while. I really appreciate the opportunity I have here. Mostly I appreciate your help. It has been a rough, yet wonderful, ride. However, as much as I love my children, this mommy is ready to start working again.

You are a great help and have given me wonderful support. I appreciate all you have done for me this far!

Thank you so much!"

-Robin Battreal

While it would make the introverts, the meek, the shy, and the novices awfully happy if the newspaper classifieds contained all job openings, that's simply not the case. In fact, some of the best jobs aren't listed anywhere except in the mental catalogues of CEOs and managers.
So how do you apply for jobs that aren't advertised anywhere, that exist only in the seemingly inaccessible minds of working America's movers and shakers? You meet people who might have insight into your job search. You talk to people who know people who could help you out. You chat it up with strangers at parties. You cold-call people you've read about in the newspaper. You write cordial letters to prominent community leaders. You cultivate an arsenal of contacts. In short, you network.

Think about networking as a game, as a sport, as a personal challenge. Below are some strategies for success.

1. Brainstorm for Contacts

Think of everyone who could possibly serve as a contact. Don't limit yourself to people who could clearly help you out - friendly, accessible people in unrelated fields often have contacts they would be happy to share with you. Also, people who, through either work or volunteer activities, have contact with a diverse crowd can be extremely helpful. To get you started with your list, here are some suggestions:

  • Family friends Local politicians
  • Relatives Journalists
  • Neighbors Business executives
  • Professors Non-profit directors
  • Alumni Your physician
  • Former employees Your hair dresser
  • Former co-workers Prominent community members
  • Public relations officials Members of professional organizations
  • Religious leaders

2. Where the Contacts Are - Tried and True Places to Network

  • Local alumni association Conventions
  • Class reunions Club meetings
  • Cocktail parties Internet list-servs
  • Fundraisers Volunteer opportunities
  • Business conferences Continuing education classes


3. Be Prepared

Networking is a little like planning a political campaign. While it's essential that you are honest and relaxed, you should not wing it. Just as politicians think about what they tactically need to accomplish, convey, and gain when they make an appearance or give a speech, you should approach networking opportunities with a game plan. Before you confidently and charmingly sashay into a business conference room, a dinner party, or group event, do your homework. Find out who will be there, or do your best to list who you think will probably be present. Then decide who you would most like to meet. When you have your list of potential contacts, thoroughly research their work and their backgrounds and then make up some questions and conversational statements that reflect your research. And finally, think critically about what your goals are for your networking function. What information do you want to walk away with? What do you want to convey to the people you meet? But, as is always true, it's important to be flexible and to perceive opportunities you didn't plan to confront.

4. Networking Knows No Boundaries

Business conferences, informational interviews, college reunions, and cocktail parties are obvious networking opportunities - you expect to walk away with a few business cards and some recommendations for potential rolodex entries. But the reality is that invaluable contacts and enviable opportunities often surprise us. Good networkers are flexible people who approach connection-making as a fluid enterprise that extends far beyond hotel conference room walls. You never know who will step onto the adjacent elliptical trainer at the gym; who will be parked behind you in an interminable grocery store line; who will sit next to you on an airplane; or who will be under the hair dryer next to you at the beauty salon. Don't let these opportunities pass you by. While it may have been sheer luck that you bumped into an affable CEO, your savvy approach to networking can turn a banal exchange into a pivotal moment in your career path. Always be ready to make a contact and exchange business cards. And remember, don't hesitate to network someone who has no obvious connection to your ambitions: Your new contact may be able to give you relevant names of his or her friends and colleagues.

5. Follow Up

After you meet with a contact, it is absolutely essential to write a thank you note. Tell your contact how much he or she helped you, and refer to particularly helpful, specific advice. Everyone - even the most high-level executive - likes to feel appreciated. In addition to immediate follow-up after a meeting or conversation, keep in touch with your contacts. This way, they may think of you if an opportunity comes up, and they will also be forthcoming with new advice. It's important to stay on their radar screens without being imposing or invasive. And, of course, if you get that new job, be sure to tell them and thank them again for their help.

6. What Goes Around Comes Around

If you want to be treated with respect, treat others with respect. If you want your phone calls and email missives returned, call and write back to the people who contact you. If you want big-wigs to make time for you, make yourself available to others whom you might be able to help out. It's that simple.

The higher up you climb in the professional world, the more you'll find that everyone knows everyone else. Thus, if you're impolite, curt, condescending, or disposed to burning bridges, you'll cultivate a reputation that will serve as a constant obstacle. Remember - the people who seem little now will one day be running companies and making decisions. If you treated them with kindness and respect when they were green, they'll remember and return the favor later.

7. Make It Easy For Your Contacts

When you call, meet with, or write to a potential contact, make it as easy as possible for them to help you. Explain what you specifically want, and ask detail-oriented questions.

For example, "I'm looking for jobs in arts administration. Do you know anyone who works at the Arts Council? May I have their names and phone numbers? May I use your name when I introduce myself to them?" Another entrée into a productive conversation is to solicit career tips and advice from your contact. Most people love to talk about themselves. By asking for your contact to offer valuable insight from his or her personal experiences and successes, he or she will feel important and respected. Who doesn't like to feel like an expert?
Be sure to avoid making general demands, such as, "Do you know of any jobs that would be good for me?" This sort of question is overwhelming and it puts an undue burden on your contact.

8. Stay Organized

Keep a record of your networking. Whether you do this in a Rolodex, in a notebook, or in a database file on your computer, it's important to keep track of your contacts. Make sure your system has plenty of room for contacts' names, addresses, phone numbers, companies, job titles, how you met them, and subsequent conversations you've had with them.

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Two Simple Rules for Networking


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Externship Process

Externship Details

Before applying for this externship, students must FIRST:

  • Be a graduate of Lakewood College!
  • Apply and register with their state (if applicable) as an intern. If there is a registration process, please complete that first.

Eligibility Requirements include:

  • "C" average in the course (average of all tests)
  • Course completion (including final exam)
  • You have researched and learned of your state’s laws in regards to working/externing; depending on your state’s requirements, you have met all expectations

Externship and Job Placement Process:

We have great news for you! Lakewood College has implemented a new procedure to help you obtain the career of your dreams upon graduation.

Please find the simple two step process below:
1. You will complete the externship forms at the bottom of this page.

2. Your Career Placement Specialist will find possible locations for externships based on your application. The Career Placement Specialist will call you within 7- 10 business days so that you can begin your career path. Please allow 7- 10 business days for this communication to occur.

Should have any questions about this process, feel free to contact the Career Placemnet Specialist at 1-800-517-0857, Ext 700.

What happens to my application once it is submitted?

Please allow 7-10 business days for follow up from the Career Placement Specialist to review your paperwork. Once approved, student will receive an email confirmation including the next steps.

How long will I be considered for the externship?

All graduates are considered at ANY time as long as they have completed their coursework and are approved graduates, meaning no outstanding balances or paperwork still needed from the school.

What will my schedule be during the externship?

Your schedule will be decided between you and your supervisor, which is based on your availability and their schedule needs. All externs are required to complete a minimum of 200 hours unless their state requires otherwise.

Please complete the Externship Application and Release of Liability form below to begin.

Complete the Externship Application HERE!

Complete the Liability Release Form HERE!

Student Evaluation DOWNLOAD HERE!


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