Janitor Certificate Program

Program Highlights

  • 12 Month Program-
    students given 18 months to complete Program
  • Nationally Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance Provided
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • National Exam Included in Tuition


This program was designed to keep to the company mission in preparing individuals with marketable job skills in the field of Building Maintenance Services. Thus, the overall company mission encompasses and supports a comprehensive vocational curriculum that uses modern tools and “green” processes.

The course content is presented both in standard classroom lecture type setting and self-paced practical work experience format with hands on training.


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  • Safety Performs job related tasks (i.e. chemical and equipment use) according to specified safety protocols.
  • Can interpret safety signs found in the workplace.
  • Uses common tools, equipment, machines, and materials for performing various custodial tasks. Maintains a good work ethic.
  • Understands and responds to verbal/written requests in English.
  • Effectively communicates with supervisor regarding emergencies, training needs, missing work, specific task expectations, etc.
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior, attire, attitudes, and social interactions. Responds appropriately to instruction and criticism.
  • Develops strategies for maintaining a positive self image.
  • Works with other custodial staff to complete special tasks.
  • Performs successful time/task management.
  • Responds appropriately to greetings and requests by customers and clients.
  • Resolves problems with cleaning equipment and follows proper maintenance procedures.