Student Testimonials

Student satisfaction is high at Lakewood College.

Here are the responses to three questions asked in a recent student survey:

  • All things considered, were you satisfied with your studies with us?
    100% said yes!
  • Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started this course or program?
    98.1% said yes!
  • Would you recommend these studies to a friend?
    100% said yes!

Lakewood College has been a great experience for me. My husband is in the military and I am a stay home mom. The course I’m taking goes by my day to day schedule, so I am able to make my own times to finish my assignments. The staff is very helpful and encouraging. I get a call about every two weeks from them to see where I am and to see if they can help in any way. I love this school. I would give them an A+!!

Review By: Donyelle Harrison

Lakewood College is the best college I've ever attended. They make sure that all students are treated with respect and helped in a timely manner. They have worked with me throughout my entire time enrolled at Lakewood College. The staff and the students are very helpful to one another. I would recommend Lakewood College to anyone interested in enrolling into school. I'm a proud graduate of Lakewood College and I'm proud to have attended this school. Love Tiara Williams

Review By: Tiara -

This school is AWESOME!!! They are honest, helpful, and truly care about your education. I have a career counselor I can call at any time that does not give me the run around. They even inform you of your academic performance weekly to keep you up on where you are at in your studies. Which lets me know they are not going to let you just fall through the cracks. Good on you Lakewood College!!!

Review By: Toyah Bradford

I have had one of the best college experiences ever since starting at Lakewood College. Being a Veteran I had a pick of many different colleges but I knew Lakewood College was the one for me just by their dedication to help me achieve my career goals! I would and have recommended them to family and friends!

Review By: Erica Jaramillo

Although the last year and a half was extremely hectic at times due to military service as well as typical day-to-day issues that arose, Lakewood College was more than willing to help accommodate my situation. They even helped by checking up on me every so often to make sure I was actively involved in my courses. Every time I called the college they made it a point to help answer questions or direct me to someone else who could. Completed my mediation and paralegal certification. Now working on finding employment within those two fields.

Review By: Lyra Brayshaw

This business is awesome. Very helpful. If I ever had a question or concern it was answered immediately!

Review By: Jennifer Dailey

Lakewood College is a pretty amazing college. I take my courses online and it works great with my schedule! I would definitely recommend Lakewood College to anyone looking to further their education.

Review By: Ryan Hawkins

Lakewood College has been awesome for me. I was going to a university before I got married to a man in the military. After dropping out and having twins Lakewood College has been the easiest way for me to go back to school and get some kind of degree to help out my little family. I love you can do everything on your own time. They are very supportive and encouraging with everything you’re doing. Best online college ever.

Review By: Courtney Love

I very much enjoyed my learning experience with Lakewood College. The online class was easy to use and I learned a lot. My teacher and student services were always helpful and positive. I never called and was disappointed with the result.

Review By: Tembre Stout

I recently completed the Pharmacy Tech course at Lakewood College. This institution is amazing. The curriculum was very intriguing and engaging. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided detailed and timely feedback for all assignments. I would definitely recommend Lakewood College to anyone seeking collegiate level education with the flexibility to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Review By: Maurice Tribble

I loved working with Lakewood College. The information provided was accurate and easy to understand. I was happy with the way things work in my course and it was very helpful to work with the professors. If I had questions it was easy to call and talk to student services for answers.

Review By: Hannah Battig

I've been attending Lakewood College since October 2013 and the experience has been nothing but great. The instructors give feedback on assignments and let me know what I need to work on. I enjoy my program at Lakewood College and look forward to graduating soon.

Review By: Harrishika Wilson

I started at Lakewood College in Dec 2011 and I have genuinely enjoyed my classes and retained information despite the fact that Lakewood College is an online institution. I would recommend Lakewood College to anyone who is considering an online institution.

Review By: Marlene Santana Vargas

Amazing school! I always felt like I could get help with any questions or school work at any time!

Review By: Haley Hames -

Lakewood College is one of the most respectful colleges I have been to. When I was looking into what I wanted to take, they were right there to help me. They didn't try to force me like some college's do. Anytime I needed help with my school work they were there to help me. I have finished two courses with Lakewood College. They both were well worth my time. If you want a college that helps you and supports you, then go to Lakewood College.

Review By: Desiree McLendon

My experience at Lakewood College so far has been excellent. Admissions was so helpful and helped me every step of the way. My academic counselor emails me constantly telling me how much longer I have in my classes. The professors are very helpful and give back feedback on a lot of your assignments. My experience with Lakewood has been great and I highly recommend this college.

Review By: Jessica Hamann

Lakewood College is great. They are very polite and professional. They get things done quickly and they make going to college so easy. I would recommend to anybody wanting to further their education, but may have a difficult schedule.

Review By: Shoshonie Bruce

This school was nothing but helpful! I had a few issues along the way and had an amazing experience with friendly, understanding people. I would recommend this school to anyone!

Review By: April Paxton

Lakewood College have done wonders for me in education. I learned so much about medicine and where they originated from. I am going to enroll again in the near future. Thanks Lakewood!!!

Review By: Annnette Tribble

I'm enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech program and Lakewood was awesome with their Veteran support. The class is self-paced but they also keep in touch if they see you're falling behind.

Review By: Demetria Richardson

This is a great school! I love the freedom they give you to complete your work!

Review By: Kathrine Alexander

This is a great school! I love the freedom they give you to complete your work!

Review By: Kathrine Alexander

I love Lakewood College, I'm a mom of 5 and attend online. I also have a disabled husband. Lakewood staff are always there to help.

Review By: Hildie Dietrich

Before I attended Lakewood College, I made inquiries to other colleges about 6 of them and none of them had what I was looking for, until I found Lakewood College, my first contact was very pleasant and they guided me to their website and their curriculum, and within a few days I was already starting my Mediation certificate, it was very informative and their website was very easy to navigate, my tests every week were very comprehensive and easy to do...I have already mentioned this to many of my friends, due to their work and family is very hard to attend school, I have finish my certificate within the 6 month period. I would not hesitate to recommending this college to anyone I meet.

Review By: Guillermo Amaya

Lakewood College is a very professional organization. The staff is always helpful and in a positive mood. You can only be successful working with Lakewood College. They are there to help you every step of the way from the day you enroll until after you graduate. I would recommend this school to everyone I know interested in furthering their education.

Review By: Ashley Wakeel

Currently in the paralegal program I love it. The instructors are fast and helpful with response to questions. The advisors are always checking up to make sure I'm good and don't have any issues and happy to help if I have any questions. The set up and flow of the program is nice simple and convenient. I would and do refer a friends to Lakewood College.

Review By: Jennifer Grof

This a good college

Review By: Tabitha Harris

Everyone that I have spoken with have been knowledgeable and very professional.

Review By: Cali Edwards

Great college to attend.

Review By: Adlene Momant

Lakewood College is an excellent school! I'm personally a mom to a 4 month old baby boy and an Army Wife! The professors are friendly and I always receive a fast reply if I ever have any questions! Everything you need is right in your student account! You have easy access to assignments and your books! You can download a mobile app and have your books right on your phone if you want to read or study on the go! No waiting around to do assignments you complete them at your own pace when you're ready. I would recommend Lakewood College to anyone!

Review By: Alisha Cundiff

If you are looking for a program that allows you to work at your own pace this is the school for you. Good grading scale and good materials.

Review By: Megan Milstead

Lakewood College is staffed friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful individuals. They made the process for enrollment easy and painless! And the classes are challenging.

Review By: Lindsie Emery

This is a great opportunity for military personnel

Review By: Kameka Anderson

Lakewood College has truly been a life changing experience. I am almost done with my pharmacy technician course and they have made it more than easy for me to get to where I am. Very helpful and very patient.

Review By: FreAsia Reed

Fantastic support and always helpful!

Review By: Janelle LaTorre

I will graduate from Lakewood College May 1st with a diploma in paralegal studies. I have had a wonderful experience with this school. My professors have been very attentive and have answered any of my questions quickly and been very helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone!

Review By: Ana Barnhouse

I absolutely loved my experience with Lakewood College while I was attending. The staff and professors were extremely nice and helpful and went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. I loved the layout of the Pharmacy Technician program. The flexibility of the assignments and tests helped me earn my diploma within a reasonable amount of time. I wouldn't have done anything different if I was to go back and do it all over again.

Review By: Ilona Bowden

Lakewood College has wonderful programs. I took the pharmacy technician course and it was very interesting and doing it online gave me the convenience of managing other things in my life. Also the staff is very helpful and they are super nice!

Review By: Kaitlin Benedict

The staff is very helpful. I love the school. It's always easy to reach a school instructor and they are always very encouraging.

Review By: LisaRenee Laney -

I have had a wonderful experience with Lakewood College! They have been extremely helpful since my initial call to obtain information about enrolling. Their staff is very supportive and always willing to help with an issue. I have nothing but praise for Lakewood College.

Review By: Natasha Johnson

I absolutely loved attending Lakewood College, even though it was an online course they made me feel as if it were in a classroom setting. Lakewood helped me start my future as well as my career as a Pharmacy Technician. I would recommend Lakewood College to everyone! Thank you Lakewood for helping me through my entire experience! I love your dedication to helping Military spouses and families!

Review By: Katlyn Runnels

Lakewood College has been amazing. I have had a wonderful experience so far. The instructor is helpful and so is the forum. I really appreciate my Success Coach calling to check on how I'm doing periodically.

Review By: Casey Davis

Had a great experience. My education prepared me so that I can operate my own mediation practice. I have recommended others to seek their education from Lakewood. Thank you.

Review By: Pk Jordan

I am a current student at Lakewood College, I have to say they have the most friendly, helpful staff that I have ever come across. They are there to help you succeed in their programs and have coaches or cheerleaders to check in on you and make sure you are understanding and doing ok with the class. It is work at your own pace, but if life happens they are there to help you with ways to get back on track. I recommend this school for everyone. Especially the busy mom that wants to go back to school but thinks she doesn’t have time for it.

Review By: Nicole Silvia

I am a current student of Lakewood College. I'm dually enrolled for pharmacy technician and administrative medical assistant diplomas. I have never had a school as hands on for an online program such as Lakewood College. They have recently developed and implemented what are called Success Coaches. They send weekly status reports and follow up with calls on a regular basis. I love the idea they reach out to me and not wait for me to call them. So would I recommend this nonprofit school for other military spouses or the busy mom or dad? Simple yes!

Review By: Stephanie Haiser

Lakewood College is the college to go to if you’re a military spouse! Is so convenient and honestly an unbelievable school. Online courses that they offer are pretty awesome and they offer much choices.

Review By: Anika Dunham

I love how helpful my student success coach was. She was absolutely amazing. I just completed my pharmacy technician program. I found the course very informational. I would definitely recommend Lakewood to anyone looking to get this certification. I can't wait to start my next course. :)

Review By: Jana Hebert –

I started attending the Lakewood College online pharmacy technician course last year. I started to fall behind and Lakewood staff was there to support me 100 %! They extended my course for me and worked with my payment options. I basically given up in the course because I thought I was too far behind and they motivated me and worked with me to get it done. I now have all my classwork finished and am studying for my final. Lakewood College is awesome!

Review By: Marina Croft

Very nice school. Easy to keep up with my work and my busy life.

Review By: Elisabeth Fulmer

I have been going to Lakewood College for under a year now. It was the best decision, the teachers and staff challenge you as well as support you. You gain confidence and knowledge within the line of work you plan on doing. The school also helps with job placement, I am glad I had the opportunity to attend Lakewood College.

Review By: Tina Reiter –

Lakewood College has been a great experience for me. My husband is in the military and I Lakewood College is an excellent school with high expectations for their students.

Review By: Shanekqua Williams

Lakewood College is college with very good and professional instructors. The instructors are professionals who master their subject matter. The classes are designed to be easily understood and well mastered. Most importantly, the courses are practical. We are assigned Success Coaches who help us meet deadlines and who check on us very frequently. I am enjoying my mediation certificate course. I don't regret enrolling with Lakewood college.

Review By: Marie Pascaline Ndjimou

This school is great! All of the staff are helpful and really nice.

Review By: Kimberly McKinney

I am a recent graduate of Lakewood College and the experience was amazing. As a student there, I was prepared in so many ways to succeed in my career. Thank you Lakewood!

Review By: Brittany Myers

Lakewood college was an incredible place to receive my pharmacy technician diploma. The instructors were patient and kind. And if I ever had a question or concern they're student support was there to help me right away. I couldn't have gone to a better school.

Review By: Martina York

I love Lakewood College! They work with me and do everything possible to help me succeed. I needed an extension on my program due to health problems and they granted me five more months (what I asked for).

Review By: Emily Rouse

I love Lakewood college. They are always there to answer any questions and the courses are easy to understand. I love my instructors and they always help me. Best online college I have done so far.

Review By: Alexa Jopes

I absolutely love my mediation instructor! Everything I needed including guidance and support, she was there! I would recommend Lakewood college to everyone

Review By: Christina Perez

Lakewood College has been an extraordinary place to earn my certification. I was a little skeptical of online accreditation, however, I had several friends refer me. I decided to give it a shot. I have had a very rough time personally and the academic advisors have really been incredible working with me, helping me achieve my goals. LC also is very easy to use, I completed most of my class on my smartphone! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends!

Review By: Kimberly Calderone

Lakewood College is an amazing college that worked with my schedule! I recommend Lakewood College to anyone looking to further their education. The staff is amazing as well as the experience. i can honestly say I enjoyed my whole experience at Lakewood college. I just want to say thank you everyone.

Review By: Catrina Santiago

This school does everything in their power to help you get the education you are seeking and they strive to help you complete your course. Their commitment and dedication to the military and how they work with us, those that are spouses of active duty service members, it means a lot. Because most of the time we're doing school as well as caring for kids, working, as well as the daily house chores all while our spouses are deployed for months to a year and Lakewood works with you if you need a break or if you need help on making a plan or schedule they work with you and when it comes to you finishing they set you up with an externship and then job placement! It doesn't get any more personable and helpful, especially from a college. I'm very grateful for this school.

Review By: Jessica Watson

I highly recommend this online college. They are extremely helpful from start to finish. If I ever had a question I never hesitated to ask because I knew I would be helped. Everyone I spoke with were extremely friendly as well.

Review By: Meghan Hagerty

The college is wonderful! If you have any problems with your credits or problems with your financial aid they are there to help I have had nothing but great treatment from them.

Review By: Danielle Walker

I love this school! When I first enrolled it was fast and easy. I can easily fit my school work into my schedule which is great when you are a parent. When I need help my instructor replies quickly. If you want to go to school from home I would highly recommend lakewood college

Review By: Jessie Whitlock

Great courses, and great academic support.

Review By: Shaahida Kelley

My experience of the college was wonderful! My instructor was great, and so was the help and student services.

Review By: Ariel MacConnell

This institution has provided me an outstanding online educational experience. My courses of study, mediation and paralegal, are well organized and content-rich and I am confident that they will be the solid foundation for a successful career in my field. Support staff are exceptionally diligent and helpful. On the rare occasion of a trouble spot, the issue was either promptly addressed or was surprisingly being addressed before my concern was raised, demonstrating an organizational intuition not often seen. I highly recommend Lakewood College!

Review By: Karen Armstrong

Great College for people that want to study at their own pace.

Review By: Jose Santiago

My experience of attending Lakewood College for Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate training was extremely positive. Lakewood gave me the competitive edge I needed when entering into the job market after my husband served his time in the Army. Since I was well trained in conflict management and communication, my current employer thought I would be an asset to his company. While I was attending Lakewood I knew if I ever had a question my instructor was always prompt to respond and aid in any way I needed. The chapter breakdowns were structured and straight forward. I learned and grew so much while I was a student at Lakewood College and I would refer any of my friends or family to this school!

Review By: Kelly Oehmke

I have enjoyed my distance learning experience at Lakewood. The teachers are willing to help at any time.

Review By: Shenita Ates

I must say that this is the best online college for military spouses.

Review By: Maya Palmer

Is a great school. I recommend 100%.

Review By: Yamirah Echevarria

The staff is great and very supportive. They go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

Review By: Christina Edwards

My Lakewood College experience was well worth the expense. I enjoyed the materials and appreciated the support that I received from the Lakewood Staff.

Review By: Van Miles

Awesome school! So happy I picked Lakewood College,as a military wife it's hard to go to school while trying to maintain the kids & a part time job while my husband is gone on a 10 month deployment but Lakewood college actually understands & helps you get your school work done without the stress!

Review By: Chelsea Davis

I absolutely love, love , love Lakewood College! They never leave you alone to guess how to do anything. They have support for their students from the time you inquire about the college to enrollment to graduation and even beyond! They even make sure you have the tools to find a job after graduation and may even place you in one or an internship. I found the learning style they use to be flexible, there online classes and materials are easy to use and learning is made easy on the go or in your home. The instructors are prompt in responding to student questions and each student even gets a success coach! I would definitely recommend Lakewood to all my friends and family!

Review By: Rebecca Hultz

My experiences with Lakewood College, and their staff, have been nothing but positive. From the enrollment process and one of the admissions counselors staying well past her shift to assist me in getting my enrollment completed, to my academic advisor taking the time to give me a call each week to check with me on my progress in completing my degree. I can honestly say that the staff and teachers have went above and beyond what is expected from most schools in the sense that they show caring for the student, not just the numbers.

Review By: Ricky Murray

I had a great educational experience with Lakewood College from start to finish on a scale of 1 to 10 I rate them a 10 and I have recommended them to my family and friends

Review By: Frank Heningburg

Lakewood College cares about your success. They will motivate you every step of the way. I am enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician Program. I currently work in a pharmacy as a tech in-training. This program helps me understand every challenge that I approach on the job and it is definitely helping me prepare for the PTCB. I already feel confident that I will pass the exam because of the tremendous support I receive from Lakewood College. If you are interested in working in a pharmacy, Lakewood College is definitely the place to start. I promise you will not regret it. If Pharmacy is not for you, I highly recommend that you check out the other programs that they offer.

Review By: Serena Gumabon

Great College. Staff is very prompt in returning calls and email. The instructors are amazing very knowledgeable. I was able to get hired shortly after completing the program and I had great skills to apply on the job. I have recommended Lakewood College to other military spouses.

Review By: Alicia Pough


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