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Criminal Justice & Paralegal Certificate Program

Program Highlights

  • 15 Month Program-
    students given 22.5 months to complete Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition


Become a law enforcer by taking Lakewood College’s Criminal Justice & Paralegal Certificate Program! This course will provide knowledge in modern criminal justice issues such as effective policing, courts, causes of crime, prisons and sentencing, as well as the types of crime!

Get ready to work closely with attorneys! Become a paralegal. Our reasonably priced paralegal training will give you the skills you need in 9 months.

This wide-ranging program covers how the legal system works, the litigation process, tort law, contracts, legal research, interviewing, how paralegals and attorneys work together and more. Training includes a professional legal textbook and study guides.

You'll learn the latest paralegal procedures from knowledgeable instructors with years of experience in their field.


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  • Discussing the growth of criminal justice today
  • Identify the major causes of crime
  • Define and measure crime using various tools
  • Discuss the basics of criminal law
  • Describe the rules of law enforcement and identify key elements of The Constitution
  • Describe the trial process
  • Explain the various punishments and sentencings for crimes
  • Describe what probation is and what community corrections are
  • Describe conditions and purposes of prisons and jails
  • Explain juvenile justice
  • Explain why homeland security and white collar crime are key criminal justice issues
  • Demonstrate basic legal research with an ability to locate many court cases, statutes and laws.
  • Distinguish between the roles of paralegals & attorneys.
  • Use software like HotDocs, Tabs3 and Adobe commonly prevalent in legal businesses.
  • Create a spreadsheet using legal billing as an example of its importance in business environments.
  • Explain sources of American law from constitutions, legislative statutes and municipal ordinances.
  • Demonstrate an improved understanding of legal terminology through various forms of communication within established protocol.
  • Discuss how law firms operate as a business, generate revenue from clients and evaluate staff.
  • Develop a career plan for employment while understanding the importance of professionalism.
  • Explain common legal issues relevant in business, contracts, property disputes and more.
  • Design a basic compliant for Negligence and understand common Torts and defense thereto.
  • Identify how to become an Independent Paralegal/ Legal Document Preparer.
  • Construct the basics of legal investigations, conduct client, witness, and informational interviews.
  • Interpret facts into legal issues and evaluate evidence for use in preparing office memorandums.
  • Describe practical tools for avoiding common mistakes while employed within the legal profession.
  • Locate and understand important ethical rules regulating legal professionals to protect clients.
  • Pass the National Certification Exam